Q: Will you review (insert drama here)?

A: Possibly. The list of dramas we want to watch always seems to be growing way faster than the list of dramas we have watched, so we can't take every suggestion. It usually comes down to offering suggestions that happen to strike our fancy at the exact moment when we're looking for a new show. That being said, we have been known to cave to peer pressure when multiple people suggested the same drama. 

Does this mean that we support peer pressure? If it means that we watch fun shows, then yes!

Q: Where can I watch the drama you reviewed?

A: We generally try to list the options at the end of the review, but in case we forgot, there are three main websites that stream content LEGALLY in the US. Those sites are DramaFever and Viki. Both have options to watch content for free with advertisements, and both also have options to pay for a subscription without advertisements. Between those websites, you should be able to find many new releases and many of the older shows. 

Netflix has upped its exclusive licensing for some shows as well, so you may be able to find some content through websites you already use.

Q: You guys write for DramaFever, right? Does that mean that you're secretly pushing their content through the blog?

A: Sorta to the first question, and a big fat NO to the second. Waaaaaaaaaaaay after this blog started, we both started writing for DramaFever, but Vivi has since left and works somewhere else now. That hasn't been a secret, but it's not something we mention all of the time either because we want this blog to be separate from previous work. Sometimes we will share some of our DramaFever articles and memes here, but that's about it.

When we review shows, we offer our honest opinions. If we love a show, we say so, regardless of which website aired it. If we hate a show, we also say so, regardless of whose show it was. What you get here is Coco and Vivi of Kdrama Fighting.

Q: What are the dramas in your header image?

A: We change then from time to time (like once a year, if we're lucky), but the most current banner image is from Marriage, Not Dating (which you should absolutely watch right this minute).

Q: We liked that meme you made! Can we use it on our own website?

A: Why thank you! You're welcome to share. Just make sure our logo is still on it, and link back to us in the article. Believe it or not, finding the screencaps for those memes takes a long time, so please don't steal it outright!

Q: We are a big, fancy company, and we want your blog to participate in a promotion/event/giveaway. Will you do it?

A: Maybe. Send us an email, and we'll see what we can do.


  1. Your banner on top, i was wondering if you could list all of those korean dramas for me:)

  2. That's a pretty common question! Right now, from left to right, it's You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin, Sword and Flower, Scent of a Woman, Flower Boy Next Door, Answer Me 1997, I Hear Your Voice, Dating Agency: Cyrano, and Queen In Hyun's Man. We never watched Sword and Flower or You're the Best Lee Soon Shin, but we did watch the rest of them.

  3. Where can fans from Africa watch or download kdramas?

  4. Can I support you guys by writing reviews? Pls reply


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