Fashion Face-off Friday: Stuff Rich Ladies Wear

Our last Fashion Face-off Friday, Battle of the Guyliner, ended up being a decisive victory for Joo Byung-hee of Shut up Flower Boy Band, proving that a little makeup philosophy can go a long way.  I'm a little sad that my favorite vampire prosecutor came in last, but he had some stiff competition.
I tend to see a lot of kdrama jokes about rich chaebol styling, but today I'm taking a stand for gender equality and recognizing that women can wear absurd rich outfits, too. Think of it as Girl Power--just with more weird accessories.

Contender 1: Han Song-yi  (Queen of Reversals)

As far as I can tell, Han Song-yi only has two defining character traits: 1. She hates everyone and 2. She loves money. As far as I can tell, the costume designers of this show firmly believe that nothing says "I will crush you with the sheer weight of all my money" like wrapping yourself in dead animals. My all-time favorite rich lady outfit was one where she was wearing a gigantic fur arm warmer on each arm, but unfortunately, this series is 31 episodes long, and even after I spent two hours scrolling through every.single.episode (I couldn't help myself--those arm warmers were that outlandish), I couldn't find it again.  Sadly, this means that we have to settle for one of her many other fur-covered outfits.

Yes, yes she IS wearing a full suit under that polar bear cape.  I guess she thought it would add to her credibility as a businesswoman?  

Contender 2: Kim Joo-won's mom (Secret Garden)

I really, really want to make a your momma joke here, but I'm trying to keep it classy.  Whenever I see Joo-won's mom, I can't help but think that it's exactly how rich people would dress in real life--if my five-year-old niece dressed them.  Her wardrobe is an endless parade of lace, tutus, and tiaras, but she can afford them.

Who doesn't own a lace nightgown/dress for informal gatherings?
Poor people.  That's who.

Contender 3: Madam Kang (Boys over Flowers)

In all honesty, her clothing isn't as blatant as some of the males on the show.  She is here for one reason and one reason only: her collars look like they can (and have) stabbed people in the face.  

Randomly, there's this old hip hop song called "Wanna Be a Baller," and even though I know they aren't the actual lyrics, I always think the first line goes "Wanna be a baller, popped collar, 20-inch blades on the Impala" (The REAL lyrics are "shot caller," not "popped collar," in case you were wondering.).  I kid you not, EVERY time Madam Kang came on the screen to threaten people with her pointy face and her matching pointy collar, I got that song stuck in my head for a week.  And THAT, my friends, is what earned her a spot on this list. Okay, and also for wearing what appears to be a sash.
To be fair, Madam Kang IS pretty baller.

Contender 4: Kang Hye-na (My Fair Lady)

Not to be outdone by the older generation of fancy ladies, Kang Hye-na is out to prove that she can be just as ridiculous and rich as the best of 'em.  In Hye-na's world, the words "less is more" don't exist.  If you have money MORE is more.  The upside?  Since she doesn't dress herself, she is single-handedly supporting the Korean economy with the number of servants she hires to hold things like--metal suspenders?  Is that what those are?

In related news, I need a bejeweled scrunchy--ASAP
Out of these wealthy women, which one wore the craziest outfit?  Vote below!

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  1. AAAHHH! This is the funniest thing I ever read! Which led me to stalk all your past posts for many more funny Kdrama related stuff!

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