New Drama: Surplus Princess (The Mermaid)

With King of High School and Trot Lovers coming to an end, it's time for a new round of dramas. I'll probably pick up It's Okay, That's Love, but in the meantime, there is one drama that I couldn't resist starting right away. That drama is Surplus Princess (aka The Mermaid). In case you haven't heard of this drama, most of the descriptions that came out before the show indicated that it was about a mermaid who hates unemployed people.

Yes, you read that right. A mermaid. Who hates unemployed people. You guys were tired of K-drama cliches? Well, these writers listened with a vengeance.

With a synopsis like that, you'd better believe I tuned in for the premiere out of sheer curiosity. I can't promise that I'll finish the show, but I had to at least see the insanity for myself.

After the first two episodes, I don't know how to feel about the whole thing. What I will say is that you have to give the writers props for being ballsy and just running with the premise. So far, there's no indication that the mermaid actually hates unemployed people, but everything except for the hauntingly beautiful intro is still completely insane. For example, the first time we meet our heroine mermaid, we find out that she loves reading about K-celebs on her waterproof smartphone. 
Apparently, you can get a signal under the sea.

In a way, it's a smart move. I've seen plenty of dramas that took a wild premise and played it totally straight, which required the audience to suspend disbelief constantly in order to feel any emotional connection. In this case, the writers themselves have a winking (and slightly wicked) sense of humor about the whole thing, so there's no expectation that you should take things too seriously. Well, and even if the show doesn't work, at least they have Song Jae Rim, who generally goes a long way in making terrible things less terrible (see: Nail Shop Paris).
That's their subtitle, not mine.

Rather than comparing Surplus Princess to other K-dramas, it actually feels more like the classic Disney Channel Original Movies of the 1990s, back when they used to tell slightly naughty jokes every once in a while. You know, like Wish Upon a Star, where Katherine Heigl switches bodies with her little sister and then goes to school dressed like a stripper. Does anyone else remember those and possibly still watch them on Netflix? No? Me neither.

In any case, Surplus Princess is full of cheese and over-the-top, slightly obnoxious characters, but it might be kind of fun.

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  1. I actually find this drama super refreshing. That mermaid is bold and sassy. It is like a crazy fan-girl became the main lead of a kdrama. I'm one of those crazy addict k-drama fan-girls, and totally proud to admit it. Im just kinda disappointed that Song Jae Rim is not the lead guy, but then again I always fall for the 2nd lead anyway. She actually kissed him and touched his apple shaped butt!!!!

  2. I've heard good things about this drama. The Little Mermaid is also my favorite Disney Princess, so I definitely plan on sitting down to watch this soon.

  3. I have read many comments about this drama. Half like the drama and the other half hates it. I guess I am going to have to make a decision to watch it at least they have SONG JAE RIM:)

  4. Decisions that are based on Song Jae Rim are generally good decisions. I don't love it or hate it yet. I'm just generally intrigued by it because it's so different, and it doesn't even care.

  5. I didn't love the mermaid character, but I can see potential there. And the apple-shaped butt jokes had me laughing pretty hard.

  6. Do it! It might turn out to be a train wreck, but at least it's a new kind of train wreck.

  7. So far this drama is proving to be a great surprise. Let's hope they don't let it all fall apart toward the end. But I will watch it either way.

  8. I'm loving this one so far. It is ridiculous but I love that the writers are aware that we have all seen a million dramas before so they might as well use that for comic effect. Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion they're going to use that premise to hit us right in the feels when we least expect it. I recently re-watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and this reminds me of that in some ways which is good. I love a drama with a time limit and real stakes beyond "my mom doesn't like" you. I'm going to lose my tails or turn into bubbles in 100 days works for me!


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