K-drama Music Awards: Let Your Voices Be Heard!

Let's talk about Korean drama soundtracks for a second.  Every single series has about 5 songs (upbeat cheerful song, sad crying/reminiscing song, mellow in love song, love triangle song, etc.) that get repeated over and over in every single episode whenever a certain emotion arises.  These songs all tend to blend together after a while, but every once in a while, a song will stick with you.  We thought it would be nice to celebrate some of the best and worst songs in our k-drama watching experience, and we want YOUR votes!  The polls will be open until February 27, and then we will announce the winners. Even if you haven't seen these dramas, you can watch the links before making a decision. If we held a red carpet event, do you think Taecyeon would show up? One can only hope, right?

And the nominees are...

Category: Best Upbeat Song

"Dream High" from Dream High
  •  How can you NOT want to dance when you watch that video? Impossible.
"Let Us Just Love" from Protect the Boss
  • Confession: When it's dark and cold and depressing outside, I sometimes listen to this song in the bathroom while I get ready for work. Plus, we all know how much  I love this series.
"Hallelujah" from Iris
  • I am not someone who can pull off listening to hip hop while driving around town in my car.  This song makes me want to try anyway.
"Superstar" from Dream High 2
  • There is a specific category of music that it is peppy enough to even motivate me to clean the bathroom.  This is one of those songs. Yes, HershE, I AM a superstar.  A toilet-scrubbing superstar.
Best Upbeat Song
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Category: Worst Song to Get Stuck in Your Head

"Never Say Goodbye" from My Girl
  • My husband is usually pretty understanding of my k-drama watching obsession.  This song broke him.  He said that it was floating into the next room and giving him brain cancer.  I tend to agree.
"Fox Rain" from My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho
  • If you want to know why this song is among the nominees, skip to 1:45.  The lyrics to the chorus are LITERALLY "doobeedoobeedoolala."  This song is partly nominated for laziness on the part of the songwriter.  But only partly.
"Lovin Ice Cream" from Lie to Me
  • I want to claw my ears off. Enough said.
"Go Go Chan" from Coffee Prince
  • Another entry from the "fake words as lyrics" camp, this song is the dark horse of the category.
Worst Code to Get Stuck in Your Head
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Category: Best Ballad

"Across the Ocean" from Coffee Prince
  • Most ballads sound ridiculously similar, but this one is refreshingly different.  It's something that I would listen to in real life without being embarrassed.
"Someday" from Dream High
  • First of all, if a unicorn and a kitten had a baby that pooped rainbows, that baby would be IU.  She is possibly the cutest human on the planetShe also has a lovely voice. 
"You Are So Beautiful" from Scent of a Woman
  • This song goes out to all the ladies who love more traditional ballads.  It sounds like it was meant to be played at weddings.
"Carry On" from Faith
  • Be honest: If you don't speak Korean, you're making up lyrics to this so you can belt it in the shower.

Best Ballad
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Category: Best 2nd Male Lead Theme

"Goong" from Princess Hours
  • I couldn't find an isolated version of Prince Yul's theme, but it starts around 0:10 in the video.  This song mostly plays while he stares up at the sun.
"Stranger Sun" from Boys over Flowers
  • Okay, I know I already did a piece on Kim Jeong-hoon's lookalikes, but we need to talk about the similarities between the characters of Ji-hoo and Prince Yul.  They both have tragic pasts and relatives who abandoned them. Then their hearts get broken by a sassy girl who actually isn't all that great. They both wear a lot of white and have sad, swoopy tan hair until they decide to become tougher.  And then the music.  Nothing says "I'm sad" like violins.  But which one is better?
"Trap" from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
  • No sad violins here. Park Dong Joo might have a tragic past, but he's also a knife-wielding veterinarian bad-A.
"I'll Protect You" from Protect the Boss
  • Okay, so this one isn't technically Mu won's theme song, but the second male lead is singing, so I'll count it.
Best 2nd Male Lead Theme
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Bonus Category: Best Cover of "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" by SNSD

Dream High cast
  • Yes, Dream High is nominated for a third category.  The music was some of the catchiest of any drama I've seen. With the acoustic guitar at the beginning, I might enjoy this more than the original version.
 You Are Beautiful cast
  • This one gets extra credit for getting otherwise-serious characters into drag.
Best Cover of "Tell Me Your Wish"
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Vote! Vote! Vote! And convince us to choose your favorites in the comments!


  1. Wait...how come "Because I'm Stupid" isn't the theme song for Ji Hoo? I would have totally voted for that.

    1. I totally agree with you on that one! I tried to tell Vivi haha. Love that song!

  2. family of the year-hero from it´s okay that´s love make bipolar. make me happy/mke me sad
    why isn´t inthw list??


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