K-drama Valentine's Day Gift-Giving Guide

It's Valentine's Day again--that time of year to celebrate the special someone in your life.  Now, one of the most stressful parts of this holiday can be choosing just what to give to the one you love. Worry no longer!  We're here to help you navigate this treacherous season with our k-drama wisdom.  Korean dramas are filled with a wide range of gift ideas that you can copy, but some of them are more successful than others.  So, if you've ever purchased a star necklace that you wanted to use as a heavy-handed symbol of your relationship but weren't sure if it was the right move (Answer: If the words "I encircle you so that you can NEVER leave me" leave your lips, it was probably the wrong move), this gift-giving guide is the place for you!

K-Drama Gift-Giving Countdown

#6: "Disappearing" Forever 

"I'm going to be so noble--just kidding!"
WORST.GIFT.EVER.  On the surface, it sounds like a nice gesture: because you believe you are somehow detrimental to this person's hopes and dreams, you decide to show your love by being selfless and jumping onto a plane without telling anyone.  This is a terrible idea for the following reason: No one ever follows through with these plans. You might make it out of the country, but you will always, always come back, thereby nullifying your gift.  No takesies backsies!


 #5: Makeover

I like shoes and dresses and sunglasses as much as the next girl, but this gift is just a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit insulting.  I mean, you're basically saying that this person isn't good enough for you, so you will try to fix her with your money.



#4: Trading Your Life for Theirs

How can this only be NUMBER FOUR on the countdown, you say?  Isn't this the ultimate demonstration of love?  Yes and no.  It is the ultimate sacrifice (and I cried like a baby when it happened in Secret Garden) , but dying is a pretty crap-tastic way to spend Valentine's Day.  Maybe instead of death, you should share a box of chocolates instead.


#3: Homemade Inside Joke

Are you always making fun of your girlfriend for being a pig-rabbit?  Did you accidentally spill slop on your husband's shoes the first time you met?  The advantage of this gift is that it takes time and effort, which is sometimes better than money if you're the heir to half of Korea.


#2: Food--Lots and Lots of Food

Let's be honest: you can't go wrong with a solid meal.  Especially if it's some of that delicious Korean BBQ.


#1: Magical Vacation Destination

A word to the wise: also leave this hat at home.
Maybe facing death should have been #1 on this list, but whisking someone away to a tropical destination isn't just a way to show that you have bajillions of dollars.  It's a great way to spend some time with the one you love and get to know each other better while escaping the pressures of daily life.  Also, it doesn't usually involve any crying, which is a HUGE plus. Just leave your direct competition at home, or the vacation may produce the kind of romance you don't want.

I will be happy to attend your weddings once these gift ideas kick in.  You're welcome.