Korean Ice Cream Taste Test: Guest Post at DramaFever

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you’re watching your favorite K-drama on DramaFever. All of a sudden, the leading man buys the female lead ice cream to demonstrate his love, like in Lie To Me, or the leading lady shoves ice cream in the leading man’s face, like in Boys Over Flowers, or the main couple finally get together after all the turmoil and are now able to share ice cream as they cuddle, like in Coffee Prince. What better way to share in their experience than to go out and try some Korean ice cream for yourself?

At DramaFever, we did just that. I took a little trip over to K-town here in New York City, and got some delicious Korean frozen treats for the DramaFever staff to taste test. The taste testing panel included Jeremy, Nick, and Ahnmin from DramaFever, and I. We scored the ice cream on intensity of flavor, sweet balance, texture, and aftertaste to determine which Korean ice cream is the best.

1. Melona: This is a Korean ice cream classic that is very popular around the world. The light green, melon flavored ice cream is shaped like an American popsicle, but has a creamier texture.


Nick: “Melt in your mouth melon!”
Ahnmin: “Flavor and sweetness are most pronounced. The creamy texture could be both a good and a bad thing.”
Jeremy: “Refreshing and flavorful. Not too sweet. Perfect flavor.”
Coco: “Smooth and tasty! The green melon flavor is delightful.”

Intensity of Flavor: 15/20
Sweet Balance: 17/20
Texture: 18/20
Aftertaste: 12/20
Total: 62/80
Rank: 2nd Place

2. Tank Boy: This white, slushy ice is Asian pear flavored. It comes in a plastic squeeze bottle.

Nick: “I’m just confused what this is...”
Ahnmin: “Tasted like a foot.”
Jeremy: “Way too sweet. Nauseating.”
Coco: “Has a slightly odd, slushy texture.”

Intensity of Flavor: 11/20
Sweet Balance: 12/20
Texture: 10/20
Aftertaste: 8/20
Total: 41/80
Rank: 4th Place

3. Sweet Corn: This yellow ice cream bar on a stick contains whole pieces of corn in it’s creamy base.


Nick: “Corn is not meant for dessert. Ever.”
Ahnmin: “Actually not that bad. The natural sweetness of corn works, but the texture was strange.”
Jeremy: “This should not be an ice cream flavor!”
Coco: “I was intrigued by, but also scared of, the visible chunks of corn. I was right to be scared!”

Intensity of Flavor: 7/20
Sweet Balance: 14/20
Texture: 8/20
Aftertaste: 6/20
Total: 35/80
Rank: 5th Place

4. Screw Pop: This pink, fruity popsicle is curved around like a screw.

Nick: “Just your average ice pop.”
Ahnmin: “Too sweet! I got a cavity from one bite.”
Jeremy: “A cold, refreshing fruit flavor.”
Coco: “The sweetness was too intense. Nothing unique about it.”

Intensity of Flavor: 14/20
Sweet Balance: 11/20
Texture: 15/20
Aftertaste: 14/20
Total: 54/80
Rank: 3rd Place

5. Samanco: This fish-shaped rice wafer is filled with layers of vanilla ice cream and sweet red bean paste.

Nick: “One of the Korean desserts to taste!”
Ahnmin: “Wafer, vanilla ice cream, and red bean create a stunning flavor combination. Would be perfect if it was more crunchy. The wafer tends to get soggy.”
Jeremy: “A fishy ice cream sandwich, without the fish taste. Love it!”
Coco: “I love cute things, and this is totally cute and delicious. Score!”

Intensity of Flavor: 17/20
Sweet Balance: 18/20
Texture: 15/20
Aftertaste: 16/20
Total: 66/80
Rank: 1st Place

The overall favorite Korean ice cream from our sample was Samanco! The fish shape is just so cute and fun! The red bean paste makes it distinctly Korean, while the vanilla ice cream and rice wafer give it a delightful texture that tastes similar to a standard ice cream cone. Melona came in at a close second with its smooth and creamy taste. The least favorite was Sweet Corn. Sorry, but we decided that corn should just not be in ice cream!

Overall, we had a great time trying out these Korean treats, and now we will be able to recognize them in our favorite Kdramas. Hopefully you can go out and try them for yourself. What is your favorite, or least favorite Korean ice cream? What is your favorite Kdrama scene containing ice cream? Comment below.


  1. Good idea to test Korean ice-cream, I've always wondered what flavours there are. But now I'm hunry for some Samanco.

    1. Go get the Samanco if you can! It's the best!

  2. When I went to Thailand a few years ago they usually had corn in any coconut ice cream (coconut in Thailand is like vanilla in the U.S.). I totally agree with you that it really doesn't taste good that way but maybe it's an acquired taste? The Melona looks really yummy :3

    1. That sounds like a terrible way to ruin coconut! I kind of get the corn though because I love kettle corn, but I'm just not used to the idea. Melona is great! You should get some if you can :)


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