Quiz: Which Sungkyunkwan Scholar Is Your Ideal Match?

I'm in the middle of Sungkyunkwan Scandal right now (right around the point in the show where I'm throwing things at the TV and shouting "JUST TELL HIM YOU'RE A GIRL! AAAAAAAAAHLJSFDLJF;KSJHGHSDKGHSDKJHFLKSDH!"), and I am having some serious trouble deciding which cast member is my favorite.  That actually says something about how well-rounded this show is, but it's nice to know which character you're rooting for over all the others.  To save others from a similar predicament, I have composed a (ridiculous and completely unscientific) quiz to help you figure out which member of the Sungkuynkwan community is your ideal love match. For those who haven't seen the show, there is some spoiler-y stuff in the questions, but nothing that you couldn't guess pretty early into the series.


The rules: Just keep track of your answers and tally the number of times you answered A,B,C, or D.  Then, BEFORE you look at the results, vote in our poll. The results are underneath the poll.  NO CHEATING!

Which Sungkyunkwan Scholar Is Your Ideal Match?

1. Which style do you find most attractive?
A. Tousled and scruffy
B. Clean-cut
C. Metrosexual
D. Conventional, but combined with a cold glare that tells you who's boss

2. Who was your favorite male character in Boys over Flowers?
A. I could never decide between Ji Hoo and Woo Bin.  If they could somehow combine the two into a clone who is very sad and also punches people, I would be in heaven!
B.   Jun Pyo.  I like tall, reserved leaders.  I just wish he had been more of a scholar!
C.  Yi Jung.  The sexy saxophone totally won me over!
D.   Remember Jae Ha?  Crazy Harry Potter kidnapper guy?  Swoon!

3. What primary life motivation do you find most attractive?
A. Revenge/honoring the dead
B. Principles
C. Entertainment
D. Power

4. When a man is unexpectedly attracted to someone off-limits and doesn't know what to do, how should he respond?
A. Nervous hiccups covered by sarcasm
B. Give the object of his affection the cold shoulder
C. Off-limits?  There's no such thing!
D. Threats--threats always work!

5. Assuming that they all suddenly transformed into attractive Korean men, which Beauty and the Beast character would you date?
A. Beast 
B. Cogsworth
C. Lumiere
D. Gaston 

6.  Everyone brings some baggage to their relationships.  Which one would you be most willing to accept?
A. He's secretly a ninja messenger trying to avenge his brother's murder and take down corrupt government officials. Think of him as Joseon Batman.
B.  He feels very strong filial loyalty, which would be great if his dad weren't actually a corrupt government official who was involved in your father's death.
C. You're pretty sure he's had more than a handful of gisaeng girlfriends.  STDs, anyone?
D. His father once tried to force you to be his concubine.  Awk-ward!

7.  You have to pretend to be a man for a while, but then your love interest finds out.  Which response is most endearing?
A. In order to protect you, he pretends not to know.  He then spends his time secretly making sure that no one touches a hair on your pretty head.
B. In order to protect you, he tries to make you leave and stop pretending to be a man. He also really, really wants to be near you.
C. He invades your personal space and makes a lot of sassy jokes involving double entendres, most of which you don't understand.
D. He tries to get you expelled--or, better yet--executed.

8. How should the ideal man feel about sports?
A. He's naturally better than everyone else at every single sport ever invented, but he only gets competitive if it will help others.
B. He has quite a bit of athletic training and natural talent, but what makes the difference is his dedication to practice for as long as it takes to succeed.
C. Sports make his clothes dirty.  He's better as a hilarious commentator.
D. Sports are an excellent opportunity to injure and/or humiliate enemies.

9.  Someone is causing trouble for you and your friends.  How would your ideal man respond?
A. Grab a lot of people by the collar and threaten to break their arms off.
B. Say something fancy about Confucius that shames everyone into leaving you alone.
C. Schmooze in the background to find a way around the problem.
D. Again, threats.  Threats will almost always be the answer.

Okay, tally up your answers and select the letter you most frequently chose in the poll below:

Which Sungkyunkwan Scholar Is Your Ideal Match?
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Did you vote?

Are you sure? No Peeking!


A. Moon Jae Shin ("Geol Oh")

You like a little danger in your romance.  Geol Oh ("Crazy Horse") is rough-and-tumble on the outside, but he will do anything for someone he loves.  He is loyal, thoughtful, and he's great at comforting you when you feel down.  The downside?  You may have to bandage him after some of his midnight bandit exploits.

B. Lee Sun Joon ("Ga Rang")
Lee Sun Joon is an upright scholar.  He believes in the rules, and he wants to make the world a better place through order and logic. He may seem a little uptight at times, but when he's in love, even Confucius goes out the window.  He would be a great Scrabble buddy--unless, of course, you want a chance to win. 

C.  Gu Yong Ha ("Yeorim")

If you picked Yeorim, you've got a soft spot for the ladies' man.  He's a smooth operator who can sweep you off your feet with just one wink and a charming little grin.  Beware, though.  Yeorim knows how to show a girl a good time, but you can't fall for him too easily or he'll get bored and move on to his next conquest.

D. Ha In Soo

Yes, he's Sungkyunkwan's clever, handsome, wealthy, athletic student body president.  He's also a sociopath.  You should probably rethink your taste in men.


  1. I'd like to lodge a complaint with the judges - this poll excludes straight male fans of K Drama, surely I'm not the only one there is! My favourite scholar (by a VERY big margin) wasn't offered as an option, but of the the choices available, I'd call it a tie between Yong Ha and Jae Shin, in recognition of by far THE BEST bromance I've yet seen in any of the 20 or series I've watched to date.

    1. You're absolutely right. I considered including Yoon Hee, but I figured since she's the ONLY female scholar at Sungkyunkwan, it would give her an unfair advantage. I heartily encourage a vote for the best bromance, but I am also happy to accept write-in votes for Yoon Hee, Cho Sun, or Hyo Eun (bending my definition of "scholar" a bit...).

    2. With her unusual and very diverse skill set, there's no question that Cho Sun must have put in a lot of study to be expert in both, so I second the idea of calling her a scholar. :)

  2. I suspect this survey is extremely biased. (The reference to Joseon Batman tipped your hand and me off!) That's OK--I would have voted for Jae Shin anyway! Thanks for yet another hilarious post!

    1. Haha I really tried to make it neutral, but I just couldn't resist a good Batman joke! Not to worry--I'm pretty sure all of the Superman fans out there will balance it out in the end...

  3. Unlike Stuart and Dahaengida, I have no object and I'm completely happy with these questions, especially #7. I answered A and flash back of SKKS and TTBY flying through my head... Hmmmmm *happy*

    1. I always laugh when they do flashbacks in Kdramas, but then I have my own flashbacks ABOUT kdramas! I can't complain...

  4. LOL I answered all these questions honestly and when I went over my answers. I got 3 A's 3 B's and 3 C's.

    LOLOLOL I'm sorry Ha In Soo

    I haven't even watched Sungkyunkwan Scholar yet.
    But now I'm gonna :D

    1. Well, I guess there's no hope for you! You'll just end up loving ALL of the characters the whole time!

      And I'm relieved you didn't vote for In Soo. He's crazy!

  5. LOLOLOLOL This was awesome XD

    I got three A's and six B's. Although I'm VERY satisfied with my result I feel kinda bad that I didn't get any C2s because I loved Yong Ha a lot. But I guess I wouldn't want to share my man with gisaengs, ha XD

    Loved this post, you should try doing these quiz-things more.

    1. I also love Yong Ha, but he's not exactly the best boyfriend material around!

  6. That was fun! I got 5 As, 2 Bs and 2 Cs. I must like my men kinda crazy. Gender benders tend to be my favorite kdrama trope, as I've always been friends with guys generally and they are always a ton of fun when they fall in love with her when they think she is a guy anyway. :-) Haven't seen this one yet, but it's been recommended many times.

    1. If you like gender benders, you will LOVE this show. I highly, highly recommend it.


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