New K-drama Alert: Angry Mom and Sensory Couple/Girl Who Sees Smells

Remember in my last post how I was like, "Blah blah I'm too fancy to care about Angry Mom or Sensory Couple"?

I take it back. Here's why:

Angry Mom

Premise: A mom with a feisty past (Kim Hee Sun) discovers that her daughter is being bullied. When the authorities refuse to help, she takes matters into her own hands, going undercover as a teenager at the school.

Episodes watched: 1-4

Thoughts so far: Four episodes in, and I'm in love. The whole thing could have been a silly mess, but it's a much smarter, more serious series than I initially gave it credit for. This premise won a screenwriting competition, and I can see why. Even after a few episodes, I feel like I've known some of these characters forever. 

Favorites? Obviously the magnificent Kim Hee Sun, who somehow manages to look far more like a grumpy teenager than she has any right to look. She even has the grumpy teenager slouch down perfectly.

Runner up is Bok Dong (Ji Soo), the resident bad boy. I have a feeling he's going to make me shed more than a few tears.

I am going to dock some points for the K-drama coincidence parade. It's fine if you have a couple of big reveals, but so far it's looking like everyone will have some amazing surprise connection to absolutely everyone else (I'm looking at you judge/teacher daddy). 

This series is much darker than it looks, but it's handling heavy subject matter like bullying and sexual assault with the weight it deserves. The lighthearted and comedic moments feel like a necessary breath of fresh air, and I don't fee jolted by shifts in tone like I do in other dramas.

Sensory Couple/Girl Who Sees Smells

Premise: After a tragic event, a woman (Shin Se Kyung) wakes up from a coma to discover that she can see smells. A police officer (Yoochun) who loses his sister in the same event finds that he has lost his ability to feel pain.

Episodes watched: 1

Thoughts so far: It's just the premiere, so it's not like I can say that much, but it's cute! 

I mean, with a title like Girl Who Sees Smells, it could have been way worse. Yeah, the cartoon smells floating around are as ridiculous as you would expect, but I'm happy to report that her visions weren't the focus of the first episode.

Granted, a bunch of people get murdered within the first eight minutes of the series (cue sad trombone), but after that, it's quirky, fast-paced, and fun. I expected to hate Shin Se Kyung, but she actually fits her role well so far. I pretty much always have zero feelings either way about Yoochun, and...I also have zero feelings about him in this series at this point.

Is it the next Citizen Kane? No. But will it make you feel like spring is here? Yes. Basically, if Angry Mom makes you too depressed, watch this as a chaser. Except for all of the murdered people (cue sad trombone again).

Stray observation (possibly spoiler-y): Was anyone else bothered by the cop just adopting her and changing her name and pretending he had been her dad for her whole life? I'm assuming it's a witness protection kind of thing, but still....

Anyone else watching? Tell me your thoughts so far!


  1. I completely agree about the cop just becoming her father. I kept waiting to see if he had lost a daughter and did he know who she was??? But so far I think I will like it. I have been a little disappointed with new shows so willing to give it a chance.

  2. Ohhh, I wasn't going to watch Angry Mom either because of Kim Hee Sun playing a teenager but now I'm curious after reading your post.

  3. I don't watch ongoing series. I wait until it has been completed and check reviews. Just finished watching JHI..If it's not too much to ask, do you have recommended completed series to watch? I prefer rom com.. Thanks.

  4. Have you watched Heart to Heart? It recently ended. It started off kind of slowly, but it was very sweet.

  5. Yes! Give it a try! It really i surprisingly good.

  6. I feel the same way about new shows recently. I didn't stick with a single show in the last round of dramas, but now I feel like I want to watch ALL of the shows!

  7. Not yet. From the review I just read, it's pretty interesting. Another psychological case? I didn't appreciate jekylle, hyde and I. Though I look forward to see heart to heart. Thanks for your insight. Would you also recommend kill me heal me? I haven't watched it yet. Though it's on my list. Thanks again!

  8. Six episodes into Angry Mom and I am completely sold. Actually I was sold from episode 1 but treading wistfully and it has delivered. I loved KHS! Agree with did she do that? Wish I could disguise as a teen so easily (wishful thinking). Dark but enough light hearted humour strewn into key moments to soften the edges of the thought provoking subject matter.

  9. I haven't watched Angry Mom, but The Girl Who Sees Smells is absolutely adorable and Shi Kyung's acting went from ZERO to 10000 <3

  10. I absolutely love Angry mom. i wasn't sure at first but after giving it a try I a fan lol. A must see people.

  11. I am watching Sensory Couple aka Girl Who Sees Smells and I like it a lot. I read a recap of the first two episodes on Dramabeans and I decided to give it a try despite starring the girl who I absolutely loathed in "When A Man Loves." I'm happy to say she's redeemed herself and is actually quite likable in this one. I recommend this drama so far.

  12. Yes, I would definitely recommend Kill Me, Heal Me

  13. I loved Sensory Couple! I'm not a huge fan of Yoochun (his face is weird) but he was great in it. I liked both of them so much. I didn't attempt to watch it at first but I'm so glad I did.


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