Told You Kdramas Were The New Twilight!: Interview With Justin Chon

Remember how my very first post on our blog was about how Korean drama is the new Twilight? Well, what's really funny about that is that I was just able to interview Justin Chon, the Korean American actor who played Eric in the Twilight series, yesterday for DramaFever! I feel like my life is finally coming full circle!

Justin is a truly genuine, fun guy, and it was a pleasure to interview him about his upcoming film roles, his experience acting in Twilight, the challenges of being an Asian American actor, and what else? Kdramas!
Isn't he a cutie?

Check out my full interview on DramaFever:
Justin Chon talks Kdramas, Twilight, and being a Korean American actor with DramaFever

And the best part of the interview? He gave me a sneak attack back hug when he left, Kdrama style!