Fashion Face-off Friday: Trendy Tracksuits

In our last Fashion Face-off, Kim Tan and his Cookie Monster turtleneck were able to hold off some stiff competition from the Yzma lookalike on Miss Korea.

This time around, we're going to look at Kdrama tracksuits, which I secretly love. I mean, it's like wearing pajamas, but outside of the house. What's not to like? My only complaint is that Kdramas rarely allow women to take off their absurdly high heels and lounge around in comfy sportswear. I call sexism! Kdrama women, unite and demand your right to wear zip-up polyester from head to toe!

There are a few standouts in the arena of Kdrama tracksuits, so let's look at the challengers, shall we?

Contender 1: Kim Joo Won, Secret Garden

Obviously. I mean, by the end of the show, I felt like his custom-made jogging suits were a character all on their own. They certainly did catch the eye, but on the downside, I can't imagine wearing those things to do any actual exercise. I have a strict no-running-in-sequins policy.

Contender 2: The Joseon Entourage, Rooftop Prince

It's like a couple's outfit, but for best friends! Suddenly, Lee Gak's entourage was transformed into the Joseon Power Rangers with the use of matching suits.

Contender 3: Kim Kwang Soo, Emergency Couple

This tracksuit inspired this post. Look at that camouflage magnificence! This guy knows what he likes, and he wears it like a boss.

Contender 4: Jo Gook, City Hall

I guess we can toss in a serious tracksuit for good measure. Don't be fooled by the fact that he actually plays sports in this thing--it's all a political statement in the end. But a handsome political statement, I must admit.

In the realm of Kdrama tracksuits, there can only be one champion. Vote below!

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  1. Sequins be dang...Hyun Bin sooo sexy doing sit-ups in them!

  2. No contest - Kim Joo Won 4eva!

  3. The male lead in Let's Eat rocked some pretty sexy track suits too. I love that its prevalent enough to be "a thing".

  4. Oh yeah! I love that he just left all of his clothes at the dry cleaner's. I'm also fairly certain that the words "sexy" and "track suit" don't actually belong in the same sentence.

  5. How can you forget the epic camo/tuxedo tracksuit from King2Hearts?

  6. Hyun bin love u, look cute whatever he wears


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