New Dramas: Bride of the Century and Sly and Single Again

Until last year, we swore we would never watch currently airing dramas, but now that we've started, it's kind of addicting. While you don't get the benefits being able to marathon the whole thing or knowing if a drama is going to fall apart halfway through before you begin (*cough*Prime Minister*cough*), there is a fun sense of community you get from chatting about current shows as they air, even if they're terrible.

So that brings us to the latest batch. We've been sampling bits and pieces of a few of them, but to be honest, none of them are looking like they're going to break into our favorites any time in the near future. Here are some quick thoughts so far:

Bride of the Century

What it's about: Lee Hong Ki (aka Jeremy from You're Beautiful) plays--what else? A grumpy chaebol heir with a sad past. Newcomer Yang Jin Sung plays--of course--a poor, hardworking girl who happens to look exactly like the heir's fiancee. When the fiancee disappears, this girl agrees to temporarily step into her place. Oh, and there's a ghost who kills the first wife of anyone marrying into the family.

Vivi's take: Everything about this drama--the sets, the styling, the characterizations, the soapy acting, etc--feels very reminiscent of early- to mid-2000s dramas like Full House or Boys over Flowers. Whether or not that's a good thing entirely depends on how you feel about that generation of dramas. For me, I enjoy them as classics, but I can't say that I've ever actually uttered the words, "Man, you know what would be awesome? A Boys over Flowers knockoff! But with a ghost added in!" If that's your jam, though, this is the drama for you!

If it's possible, I think she just out-Jan Di'd Jan Di herself.

While I'm okay riding the old school vibe for what it is, I have a much bigger bone to pick with the first four episodes of this drama. Given the rich chaebol jerk lead, it's not surprising that there are wrist grabs and some forced kisses. I hate it, but it's pretty typical fare for this brand of show. Bride of the Century, however, takes sexual intimidation to a whole new level:

In almost every episode, Kang Joo backs Doo Rim up against a wall or pins her on a bed against her will, and instead of doing it because he wants to be near her, he does it to intimidate and to punish her. Even though she fights back, five minutes later, she's falling in love with him. I just can't root for that.

Then again, the second lead is falling in love with someone who looks just like his sister--wait, sorry, half sister. Gross.

Two saving graces so far: 1. I'm cheering for the sassy ghost to win. I love her. 2. Lee Hong Ki makes some excellent facial contortions.

Sly and Single Again/Cunning Single Lady

What it's about: A man (Joo Sang Wook) and a woman (Lee Min Jung) divorce after years of financial hardship. Years later, he has become a successful businessman, and she wants to win back back and exact her revenge.

Vivi's take: Man, I must have taken grumpy pills before I started watching or something because I'm not really feeling this one, either. Episode 4 started to move into some character development, but mostly, almost allof the characters seem petty, bitter, and mean spirited so far. I wish that the secretary and Seung Hyun would run off and form a spinoff buddy comedy instead. 

You're welcome, MBC. I've just made you a surefire hit!
If Sly and Single spends some time making the characters more likable (and maybe kills off all of Na Ae Ra's family), it could have potential.

P.S. For those of you watching Emergency Couple, I was gradually weaning myself off of my love for Jin Hee/Chief Gook, but after episode 13, you will have to pry this relationship out of my cold, dead fingers before I will let it go.

Coco's take: While I love Emergency Couple now, I wasn't the biggest fan at first because I was expecting it to be more playful and over-the-top based on its behind the scenes and advertisements. I feel like Sly and Single Again is exactly what I initially wanted Emergency Couple to be. It's definitely more in the romantic comedy genre than Emergency Couple, which seems to be more in the romantic drama category. This means that if you are in the mood for something light and ridiculous then Sly and Single Again may be the new series for you. Yes, the main characters aren't that likable yet, but isn't that the point? I'm expecting some major character growth from them, and I think they'll get there with plenty of hijinks along the way. Plus, Joo Sang Wook has me on the hook! (see what I did there?)

Which new dramas are you guys watching? Are you loving something that we haven't started yet? Convince us to watch with you!


  1. I agree with Sly and Single. Not totally feeling it and feel like I could tell you what's going to happen every scene. I am loving Emergency Couple, but at the moment am pulling for Jin Hee and Chief which we all know for some reason the perfect guy does not win. A little sad I feel like every day I was getting a great new drama to watch but at the moment not a lot going on. Going more for the oldies.

  2. Well, there's only one course of action, then. Drop them both and join me in watching Secret Love Affair instead :)

  3. I think I'm just gonna wait until the new Lee Dong Wook drama airs bc none of these are /that/ appealing to me. Like, I wanted to watch Sly and Single but LMG's characters never grow developmentally, which is really annoying to me.

  4. I must check it out!!!

    恵美より ♥

  5. Well one thing I will give both Sly & Single Again and Bride of the Century is the pacing of the shows. Thankfully, major plot points aren't being dragged out forever. They're actually is some pleasurable progress on the show and it's only been the first 6 episodes for each. I'm not really having a problem with either, but that's probably because I'm balancing like 10 shows at once and not really paying that much attention. LOL

  6. I'm watching an oldie right now... "Horse Doctor." Of course, I love it. I've loved Choi Seung Woo since "Nameless Sword." Then, I'm also watching "Empress Ki" (LOVE it: I'd watch Jin Yi Han reciting the phone book.) and "Passionate Love" (I'm about 65% "in Like" with this too long drama, although I'm a finisher unless I absolutely hate it [hello, "A Gentleman's Dignity" - and you had such good word of mouth!] ) I'm looking forward to "Secret Love Affair" (Yoo Ah In!!) and of course I'll watch Yuchun's new one "3 Days" at some point soon. Oh, and I just watched and LOVED "I Need Romance 3." :-)

  7. You should check 'you who came from the stars'. It's a great drama :)

  8. I totally agree! I'm halfway through right now and it's great. Also, Kim Soo Hyun is fantastic! Sidenote, I'm living in China and this drama has taken over the entire country, and I mean like billions of downloads from drama sites. Have you gotten the chance to see it?

  9. I know it can't happen, but I can't let my dreams of a Jin Hee/Chief pairing die. Sigh.

  10. Your commentary so far is pretty tempting, I have to admit!

  11. Seriously, am I the only one liking "Sly and Single"? It has a nice pace unlike some other dramas. Thumbs up for me.

  12. sorry, I love sly! sarangheyo!!!

  13. Nah. I love it now although i almost skipped it after reading that description/sypnosis on it. Glad i stayed with it & kind of sad that its now only 2 more eps to go. It's a good drama & can't wait to get a copy of it when it comes out. Gonna so watch it again.

  14. I have loved this kdrama from the start and tonight is the finale. It made me smile, laugh out loud, cry and at one point (well several) it made me shout at my monitor. I love the characters with special out to Joo Sang Woo and Lee Min Jung. I will forever be a fan of theirs. I love the "plastic flower" admission and only someone who watched this kdrama will know what I'm talking about.

    Coco and Viv, I suggest you give this rom-com another try.

  15. secret love affair... im currently watching it and i gotta say.... goosh wat an awesome series.... it has everything a drama needs love, suspense, the sitting at the edge of ur seat feeling wats going to happen next... i recommend it to everyone to watch secret love affair


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