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Best and Worst K-dramas of 2017 Review: A Year of Disappointments and Pleasant Surprises

I started writing this blog almost five years ago (Five years!!! Quick, someone give me awesome ideas on how to celebrate when our blogiversary hits!), and I have to say that 2017 was an off year in K-dramas.

Maybe it was just me being busy with real life and getting jaded with dramas, but based on the responses to my two K-dramaslump posts, I tend to think this was an off K-drama year for quite a few people.

Like 2016, which I dubbed "The Year of the Dropped K-drama," I dropped a whole bunch of shows without making it remotely close to the end. Even worse, I didn't even start a whole bunch of shows for several K-drama cycles.

Unlike 2016, though, I also found myself at the opposite end of the spectrum this year, pleasantly surprised by a few gems I didn't expect to like nearly as much as I did.

To cover the year of mixed bags, I'm reviewing the best and worst things about every drama I watched (or attempted to watch) in 2017 as I rank them from best to worst (a…

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