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The 10 Best Smart, Strong Korean Drama Female Leads

Ever since my Queen In Hyun's Man review, I've been thinking about the stereotypical dumb-as-a-rock-but-nice kdrama female lead and searching for some smart, strong female leads to root for instead.  I really, really liked the leads in that show, but I was infuriated that she kept calling herself stupid the whole time (and no, I don't think that his response of "You're not stupid; you just don't know anything" made things much better).

In many dramas, it's much worse. The male lead often belittles the female lead for her stupidity, pushing on her forehead with his finger and saying things like "Do you just smash things with this rock?" or "I'm surprised you can even chew food with this useless lump."  (I don't know if those are actual kdrama insults, but they sound like real kdrama insults.)

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