Live Blogging the Heirs Finale

Guys, this is it.  For all of its ups and downs, Heirs was a fun community experience.  Even when it was a complete train wreck in the middle, at least we all got to laugh at the train wreck together!  Because we live blogged the Heirs premiere, we thought we would round out some of our thoughts on the final episode in the same way.  Here we go!

V: This show has turned me into Pavlov’s dog. I hear the Young Do theme song, and I’m already clutching my heart at the computer screen. CURSE YOU AND YOUR CHARISMA FOREVER, KIM WOO BIN!

I can’t help but wish, though, that they had just consummated this bromance with one last round of “Love Is the Moment.”

C: Did Young Do’s dad just make a joke? What? It’s a little late for father/son camaraderie don’t you think?

V: Yeah, waaaay too little too late. You can’t just give people strokes or send them to jail in the last episode to make us feel sad!

C: But I did feel sad though. When Tan’s dad reached out to fake little Tan….FEELS

V: Me too. Stroke + small child flashbacks? I can’t resist. But I still felt manipulated the whole time.

C: Agreed. Those writers are pulling every trick in the tear generator book.

C: Aww, Young Do is trying to make his peace with the world! Now he’s bad-boy-turned-sad-boy-turned-rad-boy, but still kind of just sad-boy, FOREVER.

V: LSKJDFFSKHLJFSJLSDFJKLFSDJKL I’m never ever going to recover from Young Do-itis.

C: Me either. They better do him right by the end of this! I FORGIVE YOU YOUNG DO! (and please marry me).

V: It wouldn’t be Heirs without some unintelligible English, would it?

C: Funny how it’s all coming full circle, even the engrish.

V: Does this mean we might get a closing cameo from Tan’s surfer drug addict thief friend?

C: PLEASE dear drama gods, YES!

C:  NO YOUNG DO! Don’t do it! They better not make him commit suicide. THIS IS NONSENSE!!!

Also, poor little rich kids. Boooo hoooo. Go cry me a river that I know you’re just going to make your servant clean up.

V: Yeah, yeah, we get it. Everyone is sad except for Eun Sang.

C: What? She’s sad for like 19 of the 20 episodes. I thought she only knew how to make one face.

V: Is that why she’s text message rubbing it in that she’s the only non-sad one now? Oh, wait, she’s STILL making her cry face.

C: It’s making me nervous that Young Do is traipsing all around trying to make amends. He better not die! And if he’s not going to die, then is this just the writer’s evil plot to make us fall even more in love with him so it sucks that much more when he NEVER wins?

V: I can’t even talk about him anymore because it hurts my heart too much. I’m just going to listen to his theme song on repeat instead.

C: That will do you no good. Nothing good ever comes from listening to K-drama theme songs on repeat. Trust me, I did it with Master’s Sun and it wrecked me, like a wrecking ball, that’s how it came in.

V: Well, the writer will just have to take responsibility for any Miley Cyrus happenings around here, then. She’s the one who wrote a male lead with the personality of a potato and matched him against this guy!

C: Yes that was so shortsighted, or genius. Not sure which, but I’m in love so I don’t even care! Young Do *V*! (*V*= the emoticon for FIGHTING!)

V: The chairwoman is wearing a Snuggie to an important meeting. Hey, at least she dressed it up with her best neck bow, right?

C: I wonder if I can pick one up at Walgreen’s. My mother would love to have one to watch her K-dramas in.

V: I don’t know, Coco. This one appears to be her most formal snuggy. It might be too fancy for casual Kdrama viewing.

C: Are you saying my mom is not classy? You know what happens when people diss each other’s mothers. We’ve just witnessed 20 episodes of it!

V: Don’t hit me with the chair, Coco! I take it all back!

C: Ok, 4 year feud averted.

V: I’m just glad I won’t be forced to rock angry Elvis hair for the foreseeable future.

C: Yes, and I am glad that I won’t have to wear 20 different ugly sweaters. Wait, why do you get to be Young Do?

V: Because Kim Tan is always the one getting his feelings hurt over “your momma” jokes.

C: Ah, ok. Fair enough.

C:  Not the DOUBLE single tear! One single tear rolling down two people’s cheeks at the same time?!? This is getting real!

V: Seriously, people, you’re killing me here! I’m thinking of starting a coffee table book entitled The Many Sad Faces of Young Do. Any takers? And it’s a TRIPLE single tear if you count the one slowly rolling down my cheek.

C: Oh no, then that makes it a QUADRUPLE single tear for my little tear running down my little cheek too!

V: It’s really hard to gaze pensively into the distance and watch the show at the same time.

C: That’s true, but this is Young Do we’re talking about, so if anyone deserves quadruple single tears, it’s him.

V: FINALLY, a Rachel and Hyo Shin scene! I have been waiting for ANYTHING that doesn’t have to do with stupid boring people and their stupid boring companies.

C: Yes! As much as I hate Rachel, I do want to see her happy. It’s only kind of her fault she’s such a heartless rich girl. Tan did her wrong, there’s no denying that!

I'd say she got the better consolation prize.

V: I feel like I should be more sad about Won’s breakup. Too bad I can’t even remember this girl’s name. I’ve just been calling her Whazzerface Orphan Lady.

C: Yeah, their relationship never felt particularly real and gripping to me. But I am sad for Won. Did he learn nothing about reckless love from Tan?

V: Well, lest we forget, everything is always all about Tan. If Won had done the same thing, they would have lost that vote (52% to 44% is close!). We can’t have poor little Tanny losing all his stuff, can we?

C: True. Someone has to take one for the team, and apparently Won chose to bear the weight of the power and greed crown!

V: One advantage of this show ending is that we never have to hear anything more about crowns or weight ever, ever again.

V: Has Young Do been carrying that bandaid around in every pair of pants since he got it? Or has he just never changed his pants? Gross.

C: I knew all the men in this show were strangely stalkerish and obsessive, but that does take the cake.

C: WTF? Nothing changed? Another shot of Tan and Young Do long walking past each other without looking up? WAE? What was the point of Young Do’s character if he ends up with NOTHING? No girl, no best friend, no company! *throwing table over*

V: Maybe he can go for the new chicken delivery girl?

C: I thought that was what was about to happen and got really angry for a second. Like, that is not an ok cop out last minute.

V: You’re a party pooper. At least Young Do wouldn’t be forever alone, but let’s face it, we all knew this was coming from the first time he showed up. That’s why they started him out SO evil.

C: But every other male lead starts out evil and gets the girl. Just look at Jun Pyo!

V: Or, dare I say it, Kim Tan? Oh wait, he starts out kind of nice and goes downhill from there.

C: How dare you?! You’re right. He’s kind of a controlling and violent maniac.

V: Remember how in Episode 19 he said that he loves to be obsessive? Because I do.

C:  KISS, KISS, KISS! And I mean a real one now! I just really need for a normal, lovely, kiss where no one looks like they’re in pain or being forced to happen.

V: I LITERALLY LOLd at that ridiculous (and slightly creepy) lip bump.

C: That was NOT a real kiss! That was a freeze frame so that Park Shin Hye doesn’t have to ever learn how to kiss on screen.

V: At least PSH was smiling! Also, are they getting married? Also also why are they living in Tan’s childhood bedroom ten years down the line?

56. 35
V: I can just imagine the writer saying, “You know what we all need here? A recap of EVERY TIME Kim Tan and Eun Sang cried at each other!” You know, in case we forgot.

C: No, I’m pretty sure that was the abridged version. A whole recap would take 10 of the 20 hours.

V: But, you know, eighteen, and pain and stuff. So that makes it okay.

C: Oh to be young! Young Do! Our favorite part of this whole experience.

V: And Bo Na/Chan Young! (Why couldn't we cut half of the boring company stuff for more of them in the finale?)



  1. you mean to tell me I'm never going to recover from my crippling case of Young Do-itis?!? Also, I think the look on Park Shin Hye's face during the final kiss could be described as a "grimace." Which means that even in Kim Tan's dreams she's terrified of physical contact with him.

    1. I think the only future cure for Young Do-itis is to give Kim Woo Bin a starring role in a romantic comedy. Given how serious and widespread this condition is, you would think the drama world would hurry to find a cure!

  2. PSH is either really uncomfortable kissing on camera or she just didn't feel attracted to LMH. Surely the director wasn't telling her to always look so constipated?

  3. Aish if only I had this a couple nights ago. I'm dying over these screengrabs. Well done.

  4. it has ended.. missing them all....

  5. but she did a good kiss with Min Ho in ep 17 i think. you gust forget :)

  6. I started watching K-dram's a few months back, Heirs is my 5th or 6th one but whateves man.. This Kim-Woo-Bin made me cry so many times and I love Young-do so much ahhh....... I started watching Heirs for LMH's Kim Tan but from 1st epi. it was Young do <3. So I think i too suffer from Young Do-itis I want a sequel with Young do as lead and a more probably an actress with more facial expressions than PSH.


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