Fashion Face-off Friday: Crazy Man Hair

One of my favorite things about Korean dramas is the crazy fashion that pops up from time to time.  While many dramas have suave male leads sporting sharp suits, they also have their fair share of bizarre styling choices.  So I want to take some time to embrace these fashion trends with a series of fashion face-offs.  Vote for your favorite challenger in this battle of who wore it worst!

For our first Fashion Face-off Friday, I had to go with one of my favorites: crazy man hair.  Anyone in a historical drama is exempt from this category for trying to be accurate. Let's meet the challengers:

Challenger 1: Taecyeon in Dream High
Maybe this isn't fair because it was stage hair for a dance show, but is that an accordion headband I see?  Like the ones I wore in eighth grade?  Was he wearing stirrup stretch pants too?
Maybe the headband keeps his hair from getting wet with tears.
Or maybe he's crying because of the headband.
Challenger 2: Lee Min Ho in Boys over Flowers

We can all agree on this one, right?  I mean, the man has a fluffy perm that blends into his fur cape.
Did they decide to match because they're both rich?
Challenger 3: Jang Keun Suk in You Are Beautiful
I almost didn't include this one because we all know how I feel about this drama and I didn't want to seem biased, but I feel like even objectively, this is an obvious choice.  The only problem I had was figuring out which iteration of his hair to choose.  The bun/mullet combo won out in the end.
I guess you could say it's...sumo in the front?
And party in the back?
Challenger 4: Lee Jong Hyuk from A Gentleman's Dignity
At first glance, this hair appears to be totally normal.  Then you see the shaved sides...and it looks like he taped a toupee on top, kind of like that detachable old-school Lego hair.

Does this mean that if I pull hard enough, I can replace it with something else?
So, who is our winner?  Who wore it worst?

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  1. super funny!! But I have to disagree with the challenger #4, I really like that hairstyle and I reccomended it also to a friend!!
    Anyway, I think the second one is the worst ever, but I found out somewhere in the internet that he was cast also because he permed his hair that way at the audition!
    Again best regards from Italy, Fighting!!

  2. The perm may have been horrible but Lee Min Ho is still so talented and hot that I don't mind! lol

  3. I actually really loved Min Ho's curly swurly hair... It suited his character as well as made me want to touch ihttt~


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