Fashion Face-off Friday: Terrible Kdrama Date Outfits

The votes are officially in for our last Fashion Face-off Friday, and once again, we have a tie!  Gil Ra Im was winning by a landslide for a while, but Goo Jae Hee's feeble attempts at masculinity caught up in the end!  Let's see if we can make this next one a solid, clean victory...

As we all know, the makeover is a staple of k-drama-dom.  The dorky girl gets whisked away, and the man of her dreams gasps at her beauty as she walks into the room, transformed.  For many k-drama viewers, the makeover is a payoff for putting up with absurdly awkward costumes/hair for the first half of the series, but sometimes the payoff just isn't as satisfying as it should be.  For this week's Fashion Face-off Friday, I bring you supposedly awesome date outfits gone wrong!

Challenger 1: Park Gae In (Personal Taste)

Now, I know that I have mentioned this outfit before in my Personal Taste review, but I feel like it would be a travesty to leave such a worthy contender out of this particular fashion face-off.  I think what makes this date outfit most offensive is that it came several episodes after her "makeover."  There's no excuse! None, I say!

If you're going to seduce "gay" Lee Min Ho by dressing like a man,
maybe Charlie Chaplin isn't your best bet for a fashion role model.

Challenger 2: Gil Ra Im (Secret Garden)

I love Gil Ra Im as much as (okay, more than) the next person, which is why this makeover hurt me so much.  I know it isn't as blatantly offensive as the others, but it was still a huge letdown.  Maybe it's the crooked line of gigantic crystals that someone hot glue gunned between her boobs.  Maybe it's the "chic" slicked/poofed combo hairstyle that matches Lee Jong Hyuk's Lego hair from our first fashion face-off.  Maybe it's the awkward hemline that isn't quite asymmetrical. Whatever the case may be, she deserves better!
To quote a Gil Ra Im-ism, whoever chose this dress deserves to
have his or her fifth vertebrae turned into the sixth.

Challenger 3: Geum Jan Di (Boys over Flowers)

Poor Lee Min Ho is always getting stuck with fashion duds.  Jan Di had several "fairy godmother" makeovers throughout the course of the show, and I kept hoping they would really transform her.  In spite of the male cast members giving heroic attempts to do double takes at her "transformations," I was never convinced.
"When I saw her dressed like that giant cupcake,
I knew she was the woman for me!" said no non-kdrama man.  Ever.

Challenger 4: Ma Hye Ri (Prosecutor Princess)

I was baffled by the first few episodes of Prosecutor Princess when they kept emphasizing how much time and money Hye Ri spent on clothes and then she appeared on screen in these crazy monstrosities. This outfit was one of many possibilities, but it won out because she chose to don it for a major life event: attempting to purchase some fabulous (read: hideous) shoes.  From what I can tell, she is wearing a bib made of some combination of fur, lace, and glitter. She also gets bonus points for crazy hair.
I know, Hye Ri, I'm just as shocked as
you are at how bad it is...
So who wins your vote?  Any other major fashion disappointments? Vote in the little black box below!

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  1. Okay, I kind of liked the Secret Garden dress *ducks*. However, how can you have left off a picture of the worst dress EVER in Kdrama? Jandi--the dress that JunPyo picked out for her to go to the island. It was like a bad home ec dress. There is no WAY someone as rich and stylish as Go JunPyo would have ever picked out that dress.

    I also vote for the heroine from Greatest Love. She had a...unique fashion sense.

  2. I totally forgot that Jun Pyo gave Jan Di that terrible dress! I must have blocked it from my memory. Aside from her school uniform, I kind of feel like every single one of her outfits was cringe-worthy.

    I haven't gotten around to Greatest Love yet. Aside from the fashion, would you recommend it?

  3. I disagree with your assessment of Park Gae In's outfit! I thought she looked adorable and she wasn't trying to seduce him, she was trying to be funny and cheer him up! It worked! I found it endearing.

  4. What about Coffee Prince? When Eun Chan gets dolled up by her mother and sister to go on a date with Han Seong?


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