It’s Korean snack time!

Summer is over and it’s time to head back to school and work. To make this transition a little easier it helps to bring some delicious snacks with you. Instead of grabbing your trusty American snacks, spice things up by trying a Korean snack. In order to determine which Korean snacks are the best, I headed over to K-town to pick some up. I had a hard time deciding because once I see Korean stuff I want to buy it all, but I finally narrowed it down to 5!

The taste testing panel included Min, Jackie, and Stan from DramaFever, and me, Coco.

We scored the snacks on texture, flavor intensity, aftertaste, and balance of sweetness/saltiness. Here are the results:

1. Corn Chi

Texture: 7/20

Flavor Intensity: 9/20

Aftertaste: 11/20

Sweetness/Saltiness: 14/20

Total: 41/80

Min: “It was kind of bland and too mushy. Flavor was ok, but I wish it were more crunchy.”

Jackie: “Not crunchy at all. Quite disappointing because I thought it would be like cheese puffs.”

Stan: “Mushy and on the bland side.”

Coco: “Not good at all.”

2. Sweet Potato Snack

Texture: 13/20

Flavor Intensity: 13/20

Aftertaste: 12/20

Sweetness/Saltiness: 13/20

Total: 51/80

Min: “It’s good and sugary but the hard texture and funky aftertaste make me not want much.”

Jackie: “Very sticky but pleasantly crunchy. Nice mix of sweet and salty. Kind of too savory for a snack.

Stan: “Crunchy and just a little sweet. Could eat lots of them.”

Coco: “Kind of like sticky pretzels. Good for a handful, but not a whole bag.”

3. Corn Snack

Texture: 7/20

Flavor Intensity: 6/20

Aftertaste: 11/20

Sweetness/Saltiness: 7/20

Total: 31/80

Min: “Tastes like day old popcorn without butter. Is this a snack for old people?”

Jackie: ”Very light and not crunchy at all. Neither sweet nor salty.”

Stan: “Very soft and mushy, but a pleasant aftertaste.”

Coco: “Has a bland taste with a strange not-quite-popcorn texture.”

4. Peanut Balls

Texture: 11/20

Flavor Intensity: 13/20

Aftertaste: 10/20

Sweetness/Saltiness: 13/20

Total: 47/80

Min: “Funky fishy taste. The nut in the middle was a nice surprise, but it was not my favorite.”

Jackie: “I definitely like this crunchy snack with its peanut taste.”

Stan: “Crunchy and a little sweet with an odd aftertaste.”

Coco: “Like a peanut-y, fishy version of Captain Crunch. Strangely I want more. Kind of addictive.

5. Ddukbokki

Texture: 14/20

Flavor Intensity: 18/20

Aftertaste: 14/20

Sweetness/Saltiness: 12/20

Total: 58/80

Min: “Can’t tell if it’s sweet or salty. The spiciness is good until the aftertaste.”

Jackie: “ Very flavorful. The spicy kick is a nice surprise. It has a lasting aftertaste.

Stan: “Crunchy with a pleasant spicy aftertaste.”

Coco: “It’s like dehydrated Asian noodles: sweet, spicy, and sticky.

And the winner is Ddukbokki! Check out your nearest Korean market to try some of these snacks for yourself!

Have you tried any Korean snacks? Let us know how you like them in the comments below.