Kdrama Speed Dating: Finding the Perfect Male Lead

I've explained in the past that my life is kind of like a Kdrama. The only problem is that I'm still missing the male lead! In a quest to find the perfect Korean drama male lead, I decided to participate in speed dating at KCON 2013. (As a joke, mind you. I mean, 14-18 years olds are a little young for me, even by noona romance standards).

There are basically 5 questions that help you quickly filter out potential male leads in the one minute you have for speed dating.

I subjected several lucky men to these awkward questions and here are the amusing results:


 So what other questions do you need to ask a man to determine if he is Kdrama male lead worthy? Comment below.


  1. Will you fall in love with me even if you think I'm a dude. If that is a yes +1

    *SIGH* On another note...I realize how illogical k-dramas can be. HOW CAN THEY NOT NOTICE THE ABSENCE OF THE ADAM"S APPLE?

    1. That's exactly the question my wife asks every time. I'm prepared to give a pass for Eun Chan in Coffee Prince, but Helen Keller could see that Kim Yoon Hee was a girl in Sungkyunkwan, that's for sure.

  2. That is a great question! I will add that to my next speed dating questionnaire. Actually, let's hope I don't ever do that again.


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