Guest Post at Viki: More Kdrama Texts to a Bestie

The team over at Viki has kindly asked us to write another guest post for them.  In case you missed our first guest post, check it out! This time, we decided to do a second installment of one of our popular posts in the past: Kdrama Texts to a Bestie: We sometimes wonder how we would react to the female leads if they were our best friends in real life. Can you just picture the text conversations we would have? In Part 1 of Texts to a Bestie, we imagined texting Jan Di, Eun Chan, Gong Ah Jung and Park Ha. Here are more imaginary texts with some of our favorite Kdrama heroines:

 1. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

2.  You're Beautiful

3. Full House

3. Flower Boys Next Door

5. Personal Taste

Which other kdrama heroines would you like to text with?


  1. I have only just watched that episode of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop yesterday - and as a teacher I did a little mouth vomit. I've flicked through the last episode so I'm kind of prepared.

    1. I'm still split on that drama. I was relieved that she quit teaching so early into the series, but the whole time I just kept thinking, "NO! That kid is in high school!" I'm also a teacher, so it made it worse, I think.

    2. I'm on the 13/14 episode, I'm not a teacher, but I too have done a little mouth vomiting... I just can't get over the fact that he is a high school senior and she was once his teacher. AND the fact that Kang Hyuk is so dang hot and kind and nice... and pretty much the perfect man... And she's still mouth watering over Chi Soo gaaah! I've never been so against the first male lead. I get frustrated even writing this... Sorry, end of rant... Just needed to take it off my chest. :)

  2. Hahaa XD XD This is funny. I love the FBND and Personal Taste ones.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! This sounds like a fun post to write!

  4. More kdramas like queen inhyeons man, arang and the magistrate, missing you, innocent man, to the beautiful you n rooftop prince. haha. great kdramas!

    1. Great suggestions! We did one for Rooftop Prince in our first round of k-drama texts. You can find it at the link at the top!

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