Lee Min Ho Baby

Sometimes when I'm in a reverse-stalkery mood, I like to look at the Google search terms that bring people to our little blog here (Hi! Welcome!).  Most of the searches are normal k-drama things, but I saw one that stood out to me: "Lee Min Ho baby."  Since apparently multiple people are searching for Lee Min Ho baby, I immediately started to imagine what that search term could possibly mean.  So, dear Googlers, I'm going to do my very best to satisfy your search and bring you every possible meaning for "Lee Min Ho baby."  Your search is over!

Search Meaning #1: Lee Min Ho as a Baby

The internet was basically made for adorable babies.  I mean, my facebook feed probably has at least seven adorable kitten videos on it at one time (mostly posted by Coco).  Sure, adult cats are awesome, but if you make them small and baby-ish, it just adds a whole new level of emotional investment.  It should be a logical assumption, then, that if you love Lee Min Ho as a big person, you would love him extra if you got to see him as a small person.  Now, I don't personally have any photos of Lee Min Ho as a baby, but I was able to find this website that had a disturbingly detailed account of Lee Min Ho's childhood, complete with pictures.  Where did these pictures come from? I don't even want to know.

Search Meaning #2: Lee Min Ho Holding Babies

The same principle holds here as with search term #1.  If you prefer adult Lee Min Ho because looking at his baby photos steps over your creepy boundaries, you can just add a different baby to the mix, and suddenly it's wonderful, nurturing magic!  As far as I know, Lee Min Ho doesn't have a baby of his own (YET--see search term #3), but fortunately for all of you, he did an ad campaign for domestic adoptions that featured him holding adorable tiny people!  Successssssssss!

Search Meaning #3: Lee Min Ho's Babies

"What if I suddenly went to Korea and Lee Min Ho and I met accidentally on the street (like Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in Notting Hill) and fell madly in love at first sight and got married and made babies?  What would our babies even look like?"  That's how I'm imagining this search term starting.  Well, thanks to www.makemebabies.com, you never have to wonder about this again! Since Coco's single (and totally available to make babies with Lee Min Ho), I decided to use her face as a sample.  This was the amazing result:

Apparently, Coco and Lee Min Ho's baby comes out of
the womb dressing like a '90s hip hop artist.  Awwwww! 

Search Term #4: Lee Min Ho's Muppet Babies

I know that I'm probably the only person who thought of this, but when I read "Lee Min Ho baby," my first thought went straight to Muppet Babies, that late '80s television show where they took Jim Henson's Muppets and basically kept everything about their personalities but made them into babies.  If this wasn't an integral part of your childhood (and it should have been), the theme song will help you understand the concept:

Now, stick with me here, but what if they took F4 from Boys over Flowers and had an entire series about them with their exact same personalities, but just made them into babies? It would be an entire show like those flashback scenes in BoF (You know--where the babies are wearing absurd three-piece suits).  BOOM.  Guaranteed money for all.
I will never forgive baby Jun Pyo for breaking baby Ji Hoo's robot.  NEVER.
The only downside to this concept is that from what I can tell, the toddler F4 were pretty much tiny little tyrants.  Unless they somehow built in a baby Jan Di character, I'm not sure how much I could handle.

Okay, Lee Minho baby Googlers, did I satisfy your curiosity? 


  1. Am I the only one who heard Austin Powers saying, "Lee Min Ho, baby!"? If I had used that as a search term, that's what I would have been thinking! Because, yeah, it is Lee Min Ho, baby!

    1. Ha! That's actually what was running through my head the ENTIRE time I was writing this post!

  2. Korea, China, and Japan are celebrating Lee Min Ho Baby's 7 year acting anniversary(May 10). How cool is that and why do you think they do this? I think Japan even has made wrap around buses with larger than life pix of him riding around Seoul, promoting his new world tour. Wish they had them in the US!

    1. Okay, that's officially the most amazing thing I've heard all day. I also find it hilarious that he's releasing an album and going on a "world tour."

  3. Love love love this post! So funny! I've never actually searched this term, but I do automatically refer to Min Ho as Min ho-baby as a term of endearment. DO it for all of my fave male actors. Jang Geum Suk-baby, for example.

  4. This post made me laugh out loud! I am a non Korean who just discovered K-Dramas...Boys Over Flowers was my very first drama 6 weeks ago and I've gone through 4 dramas by sacrificing my sleep and sanity. Lee Min Ho is my favorite...and this post reminded me of how my crazy google searches go. It started innocently enough with looking for other movies "they guy from Boys Over Flowers" was in...but Lee Min Ho baby is a new to me! Your blog is HILARIOUS! - Loving KDramas in Seattle

  5. I really love Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum......keep it up guys!!!and that drama....Boys Over Flowers waz fascinating!!!


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