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Whoa, things are about to get real in Who Are You! These last four episodes covered a lot of major plot twists. This show is getting so good, you guys! Get on the Who Are You ship right away if you haven’t. For the first four episodes, I gave the show a 4 out 5 on the Kdrama Feels-O-Meter, but after these last four episodes, I have bumped it up to 5 out of 5! So many more than the average American show. Head over to my post with the DramaFever Drama club to take a look at all the FEELS!!!

So who is watching Who Are You? Does it make you as emotional as me? Comment below. 


  1. I'm sorry but I'll have to disagree. Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Band of Brothers, and Homeland can easily match if not out do most k-dramas. Although a lot of mainstream k-dramas are better than mainstream american procedural

    1. While network TV tends to save much of its emotional punch for the occasional season finale, you're right that cable shows (especially from AMC and HBO) have really kicked it up a notch in the last few years. I have thrown more than one thing at my TV while watching Breaking Bad for sure!

      It's interesting that many of the shows you listed focus pretty heavily on negative emotions, whereas kdramas tend to do both ends of the spectrum. To be honest, if Band of Brothers suddenly became half romcom/ half war movie, I'm pretty sure it would have been disaster. I wonder why I'm more open to a happy experience in Korean television than American. Is it because it's so compartmentalized into drama/comedy? I can watch Parks and Rec, and then I can watch Homeland, but not in the same show?

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    3. Well thank you for responding in a thought out manner. It's been my experience that k-drama fans... like anime fans. Tend to get pretty rabid when someone compares their favorite stuff poorly to stuff they personally don't like.

      That said, I can see why you'd prefer more of a spectrum with your shows but I do think many k-dramas break their tone in their writing a little too far. And that trivializes their sad materials and saps the energy out of their comedic materials. One example would be the comfort woman opening in Ohlala Couples, which is a very dark and horrible era of Korean history but the next scene is just a sitcom and that kind of extreme change creates a whiplash for me and draws me out of the material.

      From reading his blog, I can already tell what k-dramas you like and I think it's pretty telling that my favorite k-dramas are White Christmas and Road No. 1.

      I will recommend that if you do like shows with a wider tone Breaking Bad actually juggles that large spectrum well and the FX comedy Louie.

  2. Also, I just need to go on the record saying that the word "feels" makes me vomit in my mouth a little. I'm pretty sure that's why Coco put it in caps.

  3. Who are You is the best!!! I don't even...There is just...NO WORDS for the awesomeness that is that show O_O
    The last couple episodes got my emotions all over the place, I was so anxious to know what happened I watched ep 10 without subtitles (I just refused wait a couple more hours until it was posted with subs). Of course I had to watch it again with subs later to really understand what was going on ^^.
    Anyways I'm glad you girls are enjoying it as much as I am.
    6 more episodes :'( (I don't want it, to end)
    On a side note The Master's Sun is my other current love <3, last episodes had me laughing so much...

  4. Awesome possum drama! At first I decided to watch this solely for Taecyeon...but Mr. Dead Boyfriend is making quite the impression. I'm relatively new to Korean dramas and most of the dramas I've watched so far consist of mean, rich boys and poor, nice girls. Who Are You's concept is a bit different. I hope the FEEEEEELS will be consistent !!!!!

  5. I LOVE Who Are You so much and its my favourite of the batch of newer dramas by far (though to be fair I haven't started Two Weeks yet). It is just so emotional and unsettling and wonderful and I love all the characters so much. Gun Woo is such a great light and brash foil to Hyung joons dark and silent meloncholy which just works so well! And of course Shi On is awesome too!!
    Also has anyone else noticed how atmospheric the lovely music is?
    I love this show!!


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