Who Are You Episodes 1-4 Review: Guest Post at DramaFever

For a little bit of fun, Vivi and I are joining some other cool bloggers to do reviews of two currently airing horror/mystery shows for DramaFever's Drama Club. I'll be reviewing Who Are You, and Vivi will be reviewing The Master's Sun. Here's my written review of Who Are You episodes 1-4 on DramaFever.

Isn't Si Ohn the best?
To also try something new and completely uncomfortable, we'll be doing YouTube video reviews of these shows as well. I know my first attempt was a little awkward, but a girl's got to start somewhere, right? Hopefully Vivi will be better. We're going to share our memes and YouTube videos of the reviews here on our blog, and link to our posts with DramaFever for you to go check them out there. 

So who's watching Who Are You right now? It looks like there's been some controversy over whether Si Ohn is in fact a strong Kdrama female lead on DramaFever's facebook post of this meme. What do you think?


  1. I totally agree that Shi On is a strong female lead! She just runs around solving crimes and putting herself in danger without caring for her own safety the long as she completes her goal (but not in a dumb way, more like in a fearless and awesome I-don't- need- any- help- because- I- am- completely- capable- on- my-own kind of way.)

    I think people are confusing having past trauma and memory loss with actual weakness, and seriously just because you get scared seeing a ghost with no freaking hands or feet BECAUSE THEY GOT FREAKING CHOPPED OFF does not make you into a sissy! In fact it makes you extra brave because you deal with it instead of moving countries to get the hell away from it!

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