K-Drama Texts to a Bestie Part 3: Guest Post At Viki

It’s time for another round of K-drama texts to a bestie! Sometimes we wish we were best friends with heroines from the Korean dramas we watch on Viki. Maybe their lives are a little ridiculous, but at least we would never have boring text conversations. 

See what our past text conversations with our best friends from K-dramas.

And here are more we wish we could have with our besties:

Secret Garden

Answer Me 1997 (Reply 1997)

Playful Kiss

Who Are You

The trailer for the drama “Who Are You”: http://www.viki.com/videos/1006973v-trailer-4

Are there any K-drama characters you would like to chummy up to and text? What would you say to them?


  1. Why this has no comments! It is so perfect *hi-5*

  2. Haha!! Too hilarious!! I love these!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! Can you do one for Innocent Man, Queen Inhyun's Man, Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, Secret, and City Hunter....:D


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