Kdrama Would You Rather Game: NY Kpop Festival 2013

We all know that characters in Kdramas have some pretty crazy lives. If you had a choice to actually pick which awful Korean drama situation to be in, what would you choose?  I headed over to the NY Kpop Festival, put on by the Korean Cultural Service, a couple of nights ago to play a little game called, "Kdrama Would You Rather" with some Korean drama fans. Let's see how they responded.






How would you have responded to these questions? Can you name all these dramas? Comment below.


  1. I would choose to be in Detective Yang Si Ohn from "Who are you" situation...there is something about seeing ghost that makes your life above and beyond interesting ;) plus I might be killed anytime and I get to work with a super cute partner...hmmm yes please!

    1. Yes, the super cute partner seems like motivation enough!

  2. Oh this is so cool! I can't name ALL of these dramas since I'm still new to the Kdrama world but here are my answers:
    1. I would rather switch bodies, partly because I have always wanted to know what it feels like to be a boy. And if it's someone I hate, that's even better! (Secret Garden, Coffee Prince)
    2. Fall into a coma and wake up seeing ghosts! Since the day I read The Mediator series I've wanted to see ghosts like Suze (I know, I'm crazy). So yeah, definitely ghosts! (Boys Over Flowers, don't know about the other one)
    3. I guess be falsely told that I have cancer... (Don't know about either of the dramas)
    4. Temporary amnesia! I can take losing my memories but I can't take being afraid of bathtubs for the rest of my life.. (Again, don't know about either drama)
    5. If he's as rich as that guy, I don't mind being married to him :P But honestly, dating a time traveler would be cool! So time traveler it is! (Lie To Me, no idea about the other one)

    Awesome post! And I love your blog!

    ~ Hira

  3. I'm still new to all of these dramas. Haven't seen any except Iris. But:

    1. I'd definitely want to pretend to be a guy. Number one, since, I'm bi, and I wouldn't mind it. I even find guys clothing to be fashionable. And if he loved me, I wouldn't care. I'd get surgery done just to stay with him. XD And yeah, to feel what it really feels like to be a guy for once..

    2. I'd fall into a coma and see ghosts. I mean, I AM terrified of nearly everything, but hey, I'd be able to get a lot of sleep..

    3. I'd choose cancer over a murderous sister. And I've been wanting a sister ever since my mom had another baby boy. But since it's false cancer...Yeah...

    4. Amnesia all the way. I've kinda almost wanted to get amnesia sometimes, after seeing everything that happens to people in movies and everywhere else.

    5. I'd date a time traveler. I don't want to marry someone I don't like...that's be like Romeo and Juliet..and we ALL know what happened then hopefully.


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