Answer Me 1997 Contest!

You know how the characters in Korean dramas are always entering ridiculous contests in hopes of winning a cell phone or something? Think Boys over Flowers, where we not only had Jan Di and Jun Pyo's piggyback ride contest, but we also got Jan Di and Ji Hoo's wedding dress photo contest.  In other words, Jan Di was a contest-winning two-timer.

Well, if you've always been jealous of Jan Di and want to enter a contest of your own, look no further!  The guys over at Green Tea Graffiti are hosting an Answer Me 1997 contest!

Sadly, this contest doesn't involve any wedding dresses or handsome second male leads (maybe next time, guys?), but it IS a chance to have fun with other kdrama fans and win some pretty excellent prizes.

You could win the Answer Me 1997 OST and a one year subscription to DramaFever if you win first place for your fan art!

It's no secret that we loved this series, so we're kinda excited to see what kinds of hilarious 1997-themed pictures people create. Fighting!