How to Fangirl/Fanboy at KCON: Good Idea, Bad Idea

KCON is in a week, and I'm getting really stoked to go and meet a bunch of fellow Kdrama/Kpop fans! If you haven't heard of KCON 2013, it’s an all-things-Hallyu convention organized by the Korean network, Mnet, that will takes place next weekend in Los Angeles. The convention features concerts from top Kpop artists, workshops and panels on Korean pop culture, fun contests, and artist engagements.  I'll be walking around filming footage for some YouTube videos and taking pictures of all the beautiful K-fans for a KCON slideshow.

I don't know about you, but the thought of being around my favorite K-stars makes the inner fangirl in me go a little crazy. Now, I don't want anyone to get too out of control when the time comes, so in order to be ready for KCON this year, let’s review some good ideas and bad ideas about how to fangirl/fanboy.

1. Good Idea: Fangirl/Fanboy so hard that your favorite band feels the love.
    Bad Idea: Fangirl/Fanboy so hard that you faint from too many feels.

2. Good Idea: Create a poster that says, “I love you Oppa!” for your favorite bias. 
    Bad Idea: Create a poster that says, “I just. I can’t. Can’t even. This. jklasdfhdfa” because the feels       are preventing you from forming coherent sentences.

3. Good Idea: Cosplay (dress up) as your favorite Kpop or Kdrama Star to show them your love.
    Bad Idea: Cosplay (dress up) as your favorite One Direction or Twilight star. 

4. Good Idea: Go to KCON to meet your favorite artists and get their autographs.
   Bad Idea: Go to to your favorite artist’s house and make forcible entry to meet them and get their autograph.

5. Good Idea: Be in Kdrama Fighting's YouTube videos and photos from KCON. 
    Bad Idea: Be in police surveillance videos and photos from trying to sneak backstage at KCON.

I'm really excited to see you all there! KCON 2013, here we comeHave you ever had an extreme fangirl/fanboy moment? Tell us about it in the comments.